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Michelle Ye

Michelle Ye Beauty Young Chinene Celebrity

Michelle Ye artis bugil, telanjang

Michelle Ye gadis bugil, telanjang

Michelle Ye left TVB in June 2005 and moved on to Rich & Famous one month after to get more exposure in the movie industry. Ye also starred in a few series with ATV, China Productions, and I-Cable,She published an autobiography titled Shang Shan Ruo Shui - Xuan Gong Lue in July 2006

Michell Ye attends brithday banquet of Media boss

Last night, popular actress Michelle Ye with her colleagues, Miriam Yeung, Richie Ren, Peter Chan, Johnny To, etc attended the birthday banquet of Hong Kong Media Asia boss, Peter Lam. As one of the promoted actress of Media Asia, Michelle Ye's appearance attracted lots of attention. The birthday party lasted till dawn, all the members of Media Asia family were totally immersed in the celebration.

At the scene, besides main character Peter Lam getting the most attention, Michelle Ye too become media's most interested target. It was understood that after the filming of 'Assassins' complete, Michelle will fly to Xi An immediately to start film a new series by CCTV. She will be playing the female lead in the series – a beamingly youthful university student. Reporters also took the chance to verify the rumor of Michelle Ye's relationship with Zhang Mo on the net of the recent days. Michelle expressed that they were actually just normal friends, as said that they have in fact not met for quite long yet this news appeared out of nowhere, it is just too baffling.

Michelle Ye, when enquired about the rumor of her cruising with rumored boyfriend Zhang Mo, she replied: "These photos are actually from the series, not a fact, I have nothing to respond to, news these days needn't any evidence, they just report according to some 'insider', I feel so helpless." She also said she is not aware that Zhang Mo is pursuing her, has not pursuers at the moment, and is not in a relationship as well.

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